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Hi, I'm Pastor Jessica and I'm obsessed with you becoming everything God created you to be!

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I'm a mom, wife, pastor, and professional educator. I love to learn and teach others what I have learned. My desire is to help all those around me learn about the Word of God so that there would be true transformation through the power of the Scriptures. I teach God's truth, authentically and with shameless audacity so that you can find God's purpose for your life through my Christian blog and podcast.

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Seasons of Rest | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church
Heart to Heart: Synchronizing Our Hearts to His | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

Heart to Heart: Synchronizing Our Hearts to His | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

HEART TO HEART: SYNCHRONIZING OUR HEARTS WITH HIS Springcreek Church | Dr. Jessica Fernandez April 7, 2024 #realspringcreekchurch #hearttoheart #synchronize #God #alignment #relationship #pursuit #hear t This week we’re looking at the heart of God's enduring narrative - His profound longing for a deep, personal connection with His people, characterized by hearts fully aligned with His. Throughout this journey, we uncover the evolutionary dynamics of God's relationship with humanity, spotlighting the consistent, loving pursuit of our hearts and the life-changing impact of harmonizing our desires with His intentions. Together, let's explore the miraculous ways in which synchronizing our hearts with His can transform our lives, influence our communities, and reflect the beauty of His kingdom on earth. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Reflecting on Personal Sacrifices: How did giving up something during Lent help you focus more on the depth of God's love? Share a personal reflection. 2. Understanding God's Love: How does the analogy of the ocean help you understand the vastness of God's love? Can you think of other analogies that resonate with you? 3. Discovering God's Heart Through Scripture: Which scriptures have helped you understand God's heart better? Discuss how these verses changed your perception of God's love. 4. Inclusivity of God's Love: How do the stories of Abraham, Jonah, Rahab, and Ruth reflect the inclusivity of God's love? Share your thoughts on how these stories demonstrate God's plan for salvation for all. 5. Living in Synchrony with God's Heart: What are some practical ways we can synchronize our hearts with God's heart daily? Discuss how the fruits of the Spirit manifest in your life and journey of faith.
Whose Race Are You Running? | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

Whose Race Are You Running? | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

WHOSE RACE ARE YOU RUNNING? Springcreek Church | Dr. Jessica Fernandez November 26, 2023 #realspringcreekchurch #whoseraceareyourunning #runtherace #race #Joshua #faith #hebrews #perseverance #divineguidance #challenges #overcomer #purpose #endurance  "Whose Race Are You Running" is a sermon that encourages us to reflect on our personal spiritual journey, urging us to discern whether we are running the race set by God or following our own desires. By applying Joshua's lessons of faith, perseverance, and divine guidance to our lives, we are motivated to stay committed to God's path despite challenges and distractions. This sermon is not just a message but an invitation to recommit to running the race God has set for us, armed with the strength, courage, and clarity gleaned from Joshua's extraordinary example. It challenges us to consider whether we are following our own paths or the race marked out for us by God in Hebrews 12:1. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What are some ways you can identify whether you are running your own race or someone else’s in your life? How can you align your race more closely with God's plan for you? 2. What can we learn from Eliud Kipchoge's discipline and Joshua’s faithfulness about perseverance in our spiritual journeys? 3. How can the concept of endurance in a marathon help us face challenges in our spiritual life? Can you share a personal experience where endurance was key to overcoming a challenge? 4. Hebrews 12:1-2 talks about laying aside every weight and sin. What are some practical steps we can take to do this in our daily lives? 5. How do we recognize and appreciate the 'track', 'team', and 'resources' that God has provided us to run our race successfully? How can we make better use of these gifts?
How to Share Your Faith with a Non-Believer | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

How to Share Your Faith with a Non-Believer | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

HOW TO SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH A NON-BELIEVER  Let Me Tell You About My Jesus – Part 2  Springcreek Church | Dr. Jessica Fernandez, Lead Associate Pastor  June 11, 2023  Each of us has a story of what God has done in our lives. In this sermon, we will explore the significance and power of personal testimonies in sharing our faith with non-believers. Our individual stories are unique and serve as powerful tools to showcase the transforming work of God in our lives. In Apostle Paul's example in Acts 26, we will discover how to share our testimonies effectively and authentically. We can embrace our unique stories to share them boldly, knowing that God can use our testimonies to touch hearts and bring others into the light of faith.  Series: Let Me Tell You About My Jesus In this dynamic sermon series, Let Me Tell You About My Jesus, we will explore the vital role of everyday evangelism in various aspects of our lives. We will focus on four essential themes: work, telling our story, breaking cultural divides, and evangelizing in a broken world. Join us as we discover how to effectively live out our faith and share the transformative power of the Gospel in our daily interactions. We will be inspired and encouraged to live out our faith boldly, allowing God to use us as agents of change in our workplaces, communities, and beyond. Together, let us embrace the call to everyday evangelism and participate in God's redemptive work in the world. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What are some of your reasons for being hesitant or not sharing your testimony with non-believers? Are these reasons justified? What could you do to address each of these reasons? 2. Has there been a time when God used someone else’s testimony to minister to your life? What was that experience like and how did it make you feel? 3. Following Paul’s example, do you have a testimony prepared to share with others? If you don’t, you should prepare it prayerfully! If you do have it prepared, you should share it with your group. #realspringcreekchurch #letmetellyouaboutmyjesus #shareyourfaith #nonbelievers #testimony #story #seedsoffaith
Meltdown | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

Meltdown | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

MELTDOWN Springcreek Church | Dr. Jessica Fernandez October 29, 2023 #realspringcreekchurch #meltdown #elijah #emotions #godsresponse #god Life has a way of piling on challenges, testing our faith, resilience, and sometimes pushing us to the brink of emotional and spiritual meltdowns. In these vulnerable moments, it's natural to question where God is and how He responds. This sermon seeks to dive deep into understanding God's compassionate response during our times of crisis, showcasing how His unfailing love remains a constant even in our moments of sheer breakdown. Join us as we journey through Elijah's emotional roller-coaster, drawing parallels to our own lives, and finding solace in the truth that God's love remains unwavering in both our victories and vulnerabilities. 1. Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt an intense emotional shift similar to an emotional meltdown? What triggered it and how did you cope? 2. How do you differentiate between an emotional meltdown and a momentary outburst or tantrum in your life? Can you recall a moment where you felt overwhelmed, and how did you cope? 3. Why do you think Elijah, after witnessing such a grand display of God's power, fell into despair so quickly? How does this relate to our personal highs and lows in faith? 4. In moments of despair, how can we better remind ourselves of God's past provisions and promises in our lives? How can sharing testimonies with others strengthen our faith and hope? 5. Elijah experienced God in a gentle whisper after significant events. How do we recognize God's still, small voice in our lives amidst the loudness of our daily challenges?
Where Do We Go From Here? | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

Where Do We Go From Here? | Dr. Jessica Fernandez | Springcreek Church

Where Do We Go From Here?  The Encore – Part 2  Dr. Jessica Fernandez, Lead Associate Pastor  April 23, 2023  Jesus died and He resurrected. He revealed Himself to His followers and disciples in ways that each needed so that they would believe He was the Messiah. When it was all said and done, those who followed Him might be asking where do we go from here? He left them and us with a worldwide mission that may seem overwhelming but a mission that He empowers us to accomplish. He instructs us to preach the name of Jesus while calling for repentance and promising forgiveness. Because this is the greatest mission for all of humanity, this mission can’t be done without the empowerment of the Spirit of God.  SERIES: THE ENCORE ENCORE! ENCORE! Just when we think it’s over, He is risen! He is risen, indeed! In the wake of Jesus’ resurrection, the people who loved Him, walked with Him, and were discipled by Him respond in conflicting ways to this revelation. They reacted with doubt, despair, grief, hopelessness, confusion, and wavering. Though their reactions are different and unexpected, Jesus reveals himself to them in the ways each one needed so that they could believe. With all the evidence Jesus provided that He had risen, at some point, they had to simply choose to trust Him. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  1. In John 21: 1-14 Peter decided to go fishing and the other disciples decided to go with him. With everything that happened with the arrest, death, and resurrection of Jesus, it probably felt good to go back to something familiar. Just because the familiar feels good, doesn’t mean it’s where God wants us. Has God ever placed you somewhere or delivered you from something and when it got difficult it seemed easier to go back? What is it about a familiar place that makes you want to go back?  2. Jesus makes it clear that if we love Him, we need to be obedient to His commands. In what ways has it been difficult or challenging to be obedient? What are your feelings about it? What would help you to be obedient?  3. As His witnesses, we can’t wait for the perfect conditions to go out and spread the good news. What circumstances or conditions have made it difficult for you to share the good news? If you were able to overcome it, how did you overcome it? #realspringcreekchurch #theencore #lifeaftertheresurrection #encore #wheredowegofromhere #jesus #divineidentity #makedisciples #baptize #teach #empower Join us at Springcreek Church Online Campus at: Watch The Way sermon series at
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