Greater Together

Are you trying to do life alone?

God uses people around us to motivate and encourage each other to accomplish goals and dreams that we can’t do on our own.

Here is why we should get connected:

  1. There will be times of need in your life where others will recognize that you need help

  2. They will be times when you can’t think of the solution yourself but your friends will remind you of the one true solution

  3. There will be times when you have no strength, or energy, or motivation to take action towards that solution, so your friends will be there to carry you up to the roof, dig the hole, and lower you through the hole to place you at the feet of Jesus

  4. And there will be times when your faith is wavering and you need your friends to believe with you so that your faith is amplified

Enjoy this sermon! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!