Overcoming Childhood Pain

Do you carry around childhood pain that makes it difficult for you to forgive

those who inflicted that pain?

Anyone who has ever lived with an addict or addicts, is familiar with the pain and damage of those encounters. Though my parent’s alcoholism affected our whole family, I’m not here to tell you their story. This is about my story and how I was affected by it. Their addiction left me feeling alone, isolated, rejected, insecure, hopeless, angry, broken, and damaged.

·When you deal with or have dealt with manipulation, being bullied or controlled, lies, fighting, screaming, or any type of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse; the wounds it leaves behind can follow you all the way into adulthood. That was a tiny part of my story.

·Maybe you didn’t grow up with addicts, maybe you were encountered with sexual abuse that tainted your trust in humanity and God. Maybe you were just unwanted, unappreciated, rejected, or ignored but the pain is still real. Some of us don’t have a story of childhood pain to overcome but chances are, that whether it is family member, spouse, friend, or coworker: you have dealt with someone with childhood pain.


And maybe that person is you. What is your story? Whatever your pain is, you can overcome it!

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